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Victory Children's Homes has 5 orphanages in Haiti that we have partnered with to help care for over 150 children. Haiti has suffered severely over the past few years with earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. This has left many children orphaned and without a home. These 5 homes care for many children and provide them with all of the care that they need.

1 - Orphelinat Chrétien de Jeremie, ( Christian Orphan of Jeremie)

Location: Jeremie, Southwest
The number of staff: 3
The number of children: 26

2 - Bon Accueil des Enfants( Good Reception of Children)

Location: Carrefour de Ruisseau, Southeast
The number of staff: 4
The number of children: 33

3 - Orphelinat de Leogane ( Leogane's Orphanage)

Location: Leogane, Westside
The number of staff: 5
The number of children: 47

4 - Centre d’éducation des Enfants ( Education Center of Children)

Location: Bord-de-Mer de Limonade, Northside
The number of staff: 2
The number of children: 19

5 - Maison Refuge de l'Enfant ( Refuge's Home of Child)

Location: Ouanaminthe, Northeast
The number of staff: 3
The number of children:  28