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Rwanda, the beautiful lush land of a thousand hills. The Rwanda genocide in 1994 left many children orphaned and without homes, therefore the need in Rwanda was great.

In 2008 Victory Children’s Homes stepped in to help create a safe environment for orphaned children.

We built a beautiful complex just outside of Rwanda's capital city of Kigali. The vision was to see this complex become self-sustaining through the agriculture and the sale of produce from the home.

In 2013 the Rwanda Government made the decision to close all orphanages in the nation and move to a foster care program. Most of our children have since been put into the national foster care program or with other surviving family members. However, we are still caring for 17 young children at the home and our small staff, who have been with us for many years, continue to serve in their various roles. They are all faithful and trustworthy men and women who are a real part of our family.

We have had to find different uses for our beautiful complex since the transition from orphanages to the foster care program.

We now offer many different programs:

  • A nursery school for the local children
  • English as a second language courses
  • Computer skills training
  • Leadership seminars
  • Training on how to start and maintain a small business
  • A sewing school
  • Feeding programs for the poor
  • Micro loans to help start new businesses
  • A new church
  • A Bible college has been established
  • A pig project, with ten sows to start. Our first piglets should go to market in Sept. 2016
  • Agriculture and animal husbandry training

We also continue to support our former orphaned children. Donations and sponsorships are still needed to help support these children. Your donations go to help provide better housing, education and employment for those children who are dependent on us.

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