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P2270771P2260655P3021705In March of 2014 we had a team from Airdrie Victory Church in Alberta, Canada visit the Victory Children's Home in Kisumu, Kenya. They had such a wonderful experiecne spending time with the children and helping to improve their home.


There were  many things they did during their visit, They were able to paint the Victory Children's Home Logo on the outside of the home so that passersby would be able to easily find us.


Thank your AVC Missions team for all of your hard word and the blessing you were to our children and staff!


Here is what some of the team members had to say about their experience there:


P2260707“The trip to visit the kids at the Victory Children’s Home in Kisumu was amazing!  People say a trip like that is a “once in a lifetime” experience, but I truly hope that it’s not.  Even though we spent such a short time with the kids, I believe we built bonds that could very well last a lifetime!


Daryl and Rhonda are doing such a great job managing the orphanage and you can tell the kids are happy by the laughter that echoes through the orphanage!  We were there for a short time, but a truly memorable time... I’m already missing the mandazis!”


Chelsea Restall (AVC Missions, TEAM:KISUMU)

P2260716“Going on a missions trip is a life changing event. I was very thankful for the teaching before we left so we were able to be effective. The one thing that we were taught was it is not holiday. It is not. When we first arrived the amount if work was over whelming for the amount of time we had. We went as a unified team and worked every day as a unified team. Whatever each of us was to do at any given time we did it with the love of God in our heart. We were Gods hands and feet when and where he sent us.


The orphanage is well set up, the children are happy and well taken care of. A side note those children treasure their sponsorship letters. Never stop sending your love to them. They think of us as their family. That is more important than the money to them because they see the letters not the money.”


Sandi (AVC Missions, TEAM:KISUMU)

P2260713“The trip to Kisumu, Kenya February/March 2014 was one of the most memorable missions trips I've been on! What a wonderful orphanage! The staff there have things running very smoothly and the kids look happy and healthy.


 I really enjoyed teaching the boys and girls of all ages some practical sewing skills. They learnt how to hand stitch little dolls together using some leftover fabrics, pieces of an old weave and then stuffed them with small pieces of an old mattress! Very resourceful!  One thing that I love to see is how people in Kenya value relationships above all!  I'm looking forward to someday being able to go back!”


Rylee Petkau (AVC Missions, TEAM:KISUMU)

SAM 1548“When I first heard about the trip to Kisumu, Kenya I was so excited and knew right away that I wanted to go help. The trip was so amazing and life changing; the staff there are all great people who really care about the kids. You can't help but to connect with the kids and realize how thankful they are that you came.


 What I soon realized was that I had a deep passion to help and serve God in whatever capacity he wanted for me there. I cannot wait for God to open the doors for me to return. This trip has changed my life and has reminded me that "Yes God can use me" for his Glory.”


Garth (AVC Missions, TEAM:KISUMU)