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Why we sponsor:


chanceline sederick

My name is Gary Wondercheck, and I am a pastor.  My wife Debora is also involved in ministry and is the founder and director of Arts & Learning, a performing arts school for children.


We have three kids of our own, Chenaniah, Charis and Chara . From the time Dr Hazel Hill brought back the dream of an orphanage to the church here in California several years ago we wanted to be involved. Our desire was to sponsor two children - a boy about the same age as our son, and a girl approximately the same age as our two daughters. We have been sponsoring a boy by the name of Sedrick and a girl named Jamie in Rwanda. 


Opportunities opened up and we began sponsoring Chanceline about 3 years ago, and Sederick last year. They have become part of our family! There isn't a morning or night that passes without us praying for them. Our kids have sent letters, photographs and drawings, and have received the same back from our sponsored kids. What a great experience and a joy for our kids to be able to connect with them and to know we have made a difference in their lives.


And in turn, they have positively impacted our lives! It is so rewarding to know that our kids there in Rwanda are healthy, given a good education and brought up in a loving environment where they can know Christ and the hope which only He can give.


Thanks to Dr Hazel Hill for making this a reality, and to Isaac and Serena Terrell, and the whole staff at Victory Family Home of Champions for the great success of these past 3 years! And to Ed and Deb Gallagos and family...we will be praying for you as you begin this adventure as the new resident missionaries there!


Grace & Peace!