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DeniseFearmanJohnson1God has blessed me in so many ways my entire life, and I honor Him by showing love to His children. I’ve always had a dream to adopt many children and I believe God will make that possible. Right now, sponsoring a child in Rwanda is a perfect way for me to assist children with no families.


A few years ago I traveled from California to South Africa on an AIDS mission and visited an orphanage there. In that country there are approximately 2 million orphans as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which disproportionately affects sub-Saharan Africa. We delivered crates of toys, clothing, and medical supplies, but all we took seemed so little … just a “drop in the bucket” of what’s needed.


I currently live in Ohio and attend Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) Church. When I heard Pastor Hazel speak about the orphanage in Rwanda, it touched my heart and I jumped at the opportunity to sponsor an orphan. I’d really like to do more – perhaps sponsor additional orphans or donate supplies. I occasionally travel to the neighboring country, Uganda, for my job in tuberculosis research so during my next trip in 2013 I plan to visit the Victory orphanage!