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cheryl-carrAfter my husband passed away, I went to Africa in 2007 and helped to build the Victory Family Home of Champions in Rwanda. At that time, all of the children were immediately sponsored by people that assisted in building the orphanage. I returned to Rwanda 2 years later to spend time with the children. During that trip we picked up 3 children the government asked the orphanage to take in. As soon as I saw Sandrine, we connected. She was very frightened and I held her all the way back to the orphanage, which was several hours away by car. She was 8 years old, raised in the mountains and never had the opportunity to go to school. It was even the first time she had seen or been in a vehicle.


Since I have been to Africa and have seen first-hand all of the orphans and children living on the streets and in the woods just trying to survive, it really fills my heart with joy to know that I really make a difference. Sponsoring a child and giving even one child a chance in life is all worth it.  I now sponsor a child in Kisumu Kenya.